close up

  • microvases

    Elton John has fresh flowers daily and now so can you. microvases showcase often overlooked small flowers.  No need to fly them in from abroad - just pluck from your lawn.

    Dimensions: h. 40mm dia 20mm.

    Available in sets of five.

  • quail's egg cup

    No longer just a cocktail snack for posh parties – you can now enjoy these tiny treats everyday. Elevate them to the status they deserve by enthroning them on their own hand-made hand-decorated egg cup.  Three quail’s eggs=one hen’s egg!  Sold singly with a special spoon, boiling instructions and tips on making tiny toasty soldiers!

    Dimensions: h. 40mm dia 30mm

  • pop-off planter

    Everyone loves gardening.  But not everyone has a garden.  Pop-Off© planters fix to any wall with just one screw creating a tiny, private patch of green.  Simply pop on and off to replant, tend and water.

    Dimensions: h. 95mm dia 100mm.


  • tie-me-up

    Get guerrilla gardening with this planter.  Just pull the plastic tie and fix to any railing or fence (square or round).  No tools or patience required.  Instant greenery, instant gratification.

    Dimensions: h 90mm dia 75mm.


  • spring

    Kick the bouquet and celebrate single stems with Spring!©.  This sleek, almost scientific, vase clips on and off easily so you can match a flower to your mood.  

    Dimensions: h 150mm dia 20mm.


  • Gnome 2.0©

    Unless you're chasing a gold at chelsea, its best not to take your gardening too seriously.  Now even the trendiest border can give a gnome a home.  With minimal design a contemporary colour  Gnome 2.0 brings a British classic bang up to date.  Nostalgia's not what it used to be.


    Available in Red White and Blue.